Промышленные полы и асфальтирование

Industrial Flooring

Construction company “Ukrspetsmontazh Invest” performs work on the device of industrial floors. Industrial floors have a lot of uncontested positive qualities: dust-free, fast production, high heat resistance, ease of operation, economical technology. We offer durable, high floors.

Industrial concrete floors with hardened top layer.

In order to give concrete surface an esthetic appearance and extend its lifetime, our specialist apply the method of hardening the top layer of concrete by treating it with dry or liquid hardening compositions.

Dry concrete hardener ( topping) - is a dry mixture of hydraulic cement, small fillers of different fractions (natural origin or metallic), polymer additive, which is uniformly erased in concrete surface to solidification, then rubbed clean in the concrete surface, opened with a varnish for the purpose of giving the surface of the required properties.

For tasks which is impossible to decide by dry consolidating facilities and consolidating impregnating with compositions for concrete floors and assets, liquid polymeric compositions are used.

We offer the device of floors for:

  • industrial buildings;
  • production workshop;
  • sales complex;
  • warehouses;
  • parking places and parkings;
  • motor shows and service centers;
  • other facilities, where lasting and durable industrial floors are needed.

A company has certificates and license to all list of services and products.

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