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The company provides installation and device roofs of all kinds. Quality work is associated with a wide experience of "Ukrspetsmontazh Invest" for this type of service. The company offers a wide range of roof: copper roofing, seamed, metal, ceramic tile, flat, evroshifer, soft roof, etc. The device is rolled roofing, mastic, from artificial materials.

Since, construction of the roof is an important moment in the completion of construction of any buildings and structures, the execution of this type of work requires special care and precision. Must be observed factor of reliability and integrity of the roof structure during its erection. It is very important to comply with all technical standards for installation of any type of roof. On the quality, performance materials, its durability and strength - affects the quality of the roof of the building.

Types of roofs:

Installation or repair of a soft roof

Metal — a galvanized steel sheets, which are covered by polymer. This form is used when the angle of the roof exceeds 14 degrees.

Such designs are lightweight, easy to install, are presented in a variety of colors. They can sit iispolzovat second time. Choosing metal roofing, you get coverage, durability, which is 80-100 years.

Seam — made of metal. His name is instructive because of the fact that the metal sheets of material (paintings), together honey another through folding. Rebate — called a certain kind of connecting elements roofing metal roofing.

Copper — expensive, but durable and beautiful surface. In the long term acquisition of a copper roof is more cost-effective solution than purchasing, installation and repair of galvanized iron. After caring for him to carry out all the time, and this requires money. Copper roof does not require painting and stripping.

Oan also has good waterproofing qualities, and fully meet the standards of fire safety.

Roofing work using copper sheets and pieces do not lend themselves to every expert, there should be skilled tinsmith high class. Copper roofing is applied, usually in the premium segment of the buildings, not everybody can afford to order this beauty, because the price is high not only on the high cost of material, but also on the complexity of the works themselves. According to the technology copper roof mounted as well as the shingles on the crate attached sheet osb, and then mounted on the asphalt copper, or rebate, or a saber.

Our company is ready to offer services for installation of all types of roofing in Kiev and the region, followed by warranty. All work carried out by specialists of narrow specialization, owning all of the necessary knowledge of processes and material specifications that ensures the quality of performance.

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