Проектные работы

Project work

Construction company "Ukrspetsmontazh Invest provides design work in residential, civil and commercial construction. At the initial stage of developing pre-project proposal, the initial sketches to the further implementation of the project ready for construction. All design work is carried out in due time qualified on the basis of norms, rules, legislation and design of urban planning documents.

The company performs design work for construction: industrial buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, factories, supermarkets, hotels, cottages, etc.

Architectural design

Residential buildings, as well as cottage-type buildings. Public buildings and facilities. Building sports and fitness areas, indoor and outdoor types. Objects of trade, public catering and consumer services. Financial and banking institutions, administrative buildings, civil engineering, energy systems, foundations, retaining walls and buildings for agricultural use, transportation networks and systems, etc.

Design of load-bearing structures

Stone and reinforced masonry, concrete, reinforced concrete, armotsementnyh and metal, wood and composite, designs using plastics, asbestos, glass fiber reinforced concrete, glass-, composite materials, etc.

Design of internal and external networks and systems, structures

Water supply and sanitation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Power supply, electrical and lighting, etc.

Project retail and office center The draft of the restaurant complex
Hotel Project Residential house
Draft trade and business center Sports complex
Draft Detached The wooden houses
Project Office Center Draft Cottage

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