Инженерные сети, системы и приборы

Engineering networks, systems and devices

Construction company "Ukrspetsmontazh Invest offers professional development design of internal and external engineering networks, systems and devices, including in the draft all the necessary technological equipment. Design is carried out by highly qualified specialists, including the Company due to specific objects, and especially the location of buildings or structures. Also takes into account all the requirements of normative and technical documentation. In the process of designing our staff use only innovative methods and technologies. Design is made for buildings and structures of commercial real estate, civil and industrial, as well as facilities for special purposes. The company provides an opportunity to make the design of individual utilities or the full range of engineering services.

Designing this type of work is an important and responsible task, which is to be implemented prior to construction of any object. The level of implementation of project works will depend on the successful operation of all buildings or structures.

In the design of internal and external engineering networks, systems and devices includes:

  • designing a network cabling system;
  • network design lighting;
  • network design for power equipment;
  • design power network;
  • designing an optical network.

Installation of internal engineering services: water and sanitation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, gas, process piping. Electricity, electrical equipment and lighting devices and means of measurement, automation and instrumentation, telecommunications, radio, television and information networks.

Installation of external utilities: water supply, foreign domestic and storm sewer, heating, boilers, boiler plants, gas plants and gas distribution points. Compressor stations, power supply cables, transformer substations, line fittings and wire transmission lines, electrical systems, instrumentation and measurement, communications, radio and television.

Engineering networks, systems and devices

Engineering networks, systems and devices

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