Machinery and materials

Our professionals works with safe tools.

Our company uses the tools of leading foreign manufacturers Makita (Japan) and NІLTІ (EU). Company Makita and NІLTІ produce only high quality and reliable rotary hammers, electric hammers, angle grinder, screw drivers and other power tools, the ability to perform high quality construction and installation work on site.

Our employees are able to draw on the full range of auxiliary facilities construction equipment: collapsible timber, tours, ladders, cradles, winches, which makes it possible to obtain the desired results in minimum time.

List of construction equipment used by employees of a building company Ukrspetsmontazh Invest

Title Title Technical characteristics
1.  Truck crane  КС 3575 А1 Base - KrAZ, load capacity - 14t, boom length 15,5 m
2.  Truck crane  КС-4572 Base - Kamaz truck, load capacity - 16t, boom length - 21,7 m
3.  Truck crane  Liebherr LTM 1040 Load capacity - 40t,
Reach - 30m
4.  Bulldozer  Т-130 ЧТЗ Power of 160 hp, Masa 14.3 m
5.  Backhoe Loader  Borex-2201 Bucket volume - 0,28 m3
load capacity - 0,8 m


 Wheel loader  950 Н Саtеrріllаr Dumping height up to 2,6 m, capacity up to 1.75 m
bucket capacity 2.7-4m3
7.  Mixer   Base Kamaz 5511, volume - 5 m3
8.  Excavator   ЭО 4321 ATEC Bucket volume - 1m3, max. Performance - 600 m3/mash-sm.
9.  Excavator   ЭО 2621Е Base - MTZ 82.1 "Belarus", bucket capacity - 0,28 m3, max. productivity - 12,4 m3 / h
10.  Car - truck  MAZ Payload 10t 
11.  Car long-length  Zil 133 Lifting capacity 10t,
Body Length-11m
12.  Car cargo GAZELLE  GAZ 3302 Carrying capacity 1,0 t

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